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You will be emailed approximately once a year to confirm you’re still playing derby. You may also be emailed if somebody submits an identical or similar name to you. If you need to update your details, you'll need your email for that too.

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Aren't there already derby name registers?

Yes! Loads! The most widely known is TwoEvils, which has been going for far longer than most people have been playing derby. There's also the JRDA's official names listing for juniors.

Derby Roll Call is different to these registers for two main reasons;

  1. The registration process is automated, allowing it to cope with the amazing growth our sport is seeing
  2. The site accepts very similar and duplicate names.

Wait, you allow duplicate names?

Yup. Given how many people are finding out about derby every single day, it’s inevitable two people will come up with the same name at the same time. Who are we to decide who got there first? The site's approach is to accept this duplication and try to inform everyone about the situation.

What can you do on DRC right now?

Register your name
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... and not much else.

The website was only started in January, so it’s super new. If you have any feature ideas or suggestions, please do get in touch (details on below).

I really want to see [new feature]

Derby Roll Call is being built for you, based on the feedback you give. It’s not being built to my grand idea of what’s needed, because since when did I ever have a clue? Right now the website is very basic, because I wanted to get it into the hands of the people who are going to be using it as fast as possible.

Who are you?

I'm Sausage Roller, a skater for Manchester Roller Derby in the sunny UK, and maker of the Roller Derby Test O’Matic and that Min Skills app. I’m a professional software developer, amateur roller derby player, and casual procrastinator.

Feedback and support

If you have any ideas, feedback or questions, please email me at, or find me on Twitter or Tumblr.

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Recently Registered Names View Everyone

Name # League Country
TabasHo 8008 Toronto Roller Derby Canada
Manic Pixel Dream Girl 275 Toronto Roller Derby Canada
PunderCats 11 Sunderland roller derby league United Kingdom
Glimmer girl Australia
Legs Benedict 880 Salish Sea Rollers Canada
Tricksta 88 Cherry city roller derby United States
Henk 11 Pink Peril Netherlands
Infiniti Fenix 888 Kennebec Valley Roller Derby United States
Sir Skank-a-lot 3 Aalborg Roller Derby Denmark
Whips Don't Lie 75 Tiger Bay United Kingdom
slampig 316 hattiesburg roller derby United States
Bus Crasher 39 France
Stabracadabra 510 Bombshell Betties United States
Abbynormal Kennebec valley United States
KARMA 11 Kennebec Valley Roller Derby United States
Thor’s Jammer 137 OH Roller Derby Korea, Republic of
Noble Six B312 York Minxters United Kingdom
Medusa Boston roller derby United States
Pao 45 Roller Grrrl Gang Germany
Gayge Turnher 180 United States
hey arnold! 49 mansfield roller derby United Kingdom
Miss Maulstrom 44 SO Derby United States
Desencanto 19 Huérfanas Uruguay
Karma Violet 425 Birmingham Blitz Dames United Kingdom
Malice in Wounerland 722 Dominion Derby Girls United States
Biscuits 128 Northeast Roller derby Australia
DAMN HIT JANET 2 Roller Derby Rimouski Canada
Chasing Tails 27 Murder City Roller Girls Australia
The Grin Reaper 180 Deathrow Hull United Kingdom
NIFTY 50 Deathrow Hull United Kingdom
C4Serious 34 South Africa
Cogn’ass 9 Roller Derby Dijon France
Neytiri 369 Velvet Olws France
Audible Gasp Belgium
Queer and Pleasant Danger 53 United States
Kat Astrophe 87 Chippewa Valley Roller Derby United States
Hells Kitten 999 Heart City Sirens Sweden
Petite Mort Gane 5 Maniac Monsters Mainz Germany
Hanners Bananners 2501 Rose City Rollers United States
Nitroglitterina 90 Lion Girls Roller Derby Spain
Hellatrixxx Lestrange 60 Capitol City Crushers United States
Miss Fit Mama 4 Capital City Crushers United States
Tallahassee 2 Capital City Crushers United Kingdom
Crashedy Anne United States
Punch Bowl 24 United Kingdom
Petty Crocker United States
George III 3 Devil Dogs United Kingdom
Punch and Georgie 3 United Kingdom
Cruel Han 13 Androscoggin Fallen Angels United States
Rebel Jezebel 22 United States
Shannon Iggins United States
Viva Loca 03 Diamond City Rollers United States
Chica Loca 3 Diamond City Rollers United States
TABARNAK 19 Roller Derby Rimouski Canada
Xena XL United States
The Dreaded Buster CCRG United States
Missy T 27 United Kingdom
Femme Reaper V8 PowerPuff Roller Derby United States
Suzie Banshee 46 Woodland Area Roller Derby United States
Mae B. Krazy Kennebec Valley Roller Derby United States
Warship Calm-Bat 3v Powerpuff United States
Guerrilla Grrrl 873 Cherry City Roller Derby United States
Scarlet Rayne 9 Flood Water Roller Derby United States
Swagatha 236 Avon River Rollers Canada
Harley Queen 1433 PowerPuff roller derby United States
Crash Queen 13 Powerpuff United States
Rosie The RibHitter B-25 Powerpuff Roller Derby United States
Whoopi Rollberg 08 SomerCity United States
Melon Degeneres 95 Wakey Wheeled Cats United Kingdom
Hanson 035 España Spain
Evil Pony 666 Spain
Tras Tornado 1313 España Spain
Elixtroyer 95 Spain
Sir Vixx 269 IWRDL Australia
Val Halla United States United States
Control Tower United States
Kiss My Sass 018 Ames Roller Derby Association United States
Poli Sci-co 0124 United States
Blixten McQueer Sweden
Storm in a B Cup 1038 Wakey Wheeled Cats United Kingdom
Block Holliday 1881 United States
Tipsy Danger 34 Prison City Derby Dames United States
Knight-Mere 1527 Nodak Knockouts United States
Painapple 42 United Kingdom
Amphét’Lamine 275 RDD France
Gwada 971 Velvet owls France
Mad Hater 106 Tucson Roller Derby United States
GenXTC United Kingdom
Demi-lition United States
Bae Harbor Butcher 415 United States
Kenzie Killjoy 1349 Kennebec Valley Roller Derby United States
ZX Decked 'Em Portsmouth Scurvy Dogs United Kingdom
caitaclysmic GGRD (Jeerleader) United States
Night Crawler 319 United States
Bella Thiccs Lestrange 319 Tallahassee Rollergirls United States
Sparkling Otter 911 France
Salty 51 RDR United States
Daisy Me Rollin’ 136 Linköping Roller Derby Sweden
K'ass Bonbons 8 Chamber'hyenes France
Peaches & Scream Rock Town Roller Derby United Kingdom

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