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You will be emailed approximately once a year to confirm you’re still playing derby. You may also be emailed if somebody submits an identical or similar name to you. If you need to update your details, you'll need your email for that too.

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Aren't there already derby name registers?

Yes! Loads! The most widely known is TwoEvils, which has been going for far longer than most people have been playing derby. There's also the JRDA's official names listing for juniors.

Derby Roll Call is different to these registers for two main reasons;

  1. The registration process is automated, allowing it to cope with the amazing growth our sport is seeing
  2. The site accepts very similar and duplicate names.

Wait, you allow duplicate names?

Yup. Given how many people are finding out about derby every single day, it’s inevitable two people will come up with the same name at the same time. Who are we to decide who got there first? The site's approach is to accept this duplication and try to inform everyone about the situation.

What can you do on DRC right now?

Register your name
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... and not much else.

The website was only started in January, so it’s super new. If you have any feature ideas or suggestions, please do get in touch (details on below).

I really want to see [new feature]

Derby Roll Call is being built for you, based on the feedback you give. It’s not being built to my grand idea of what’s needed, because since when did I ever have a clue? Right now the website is very basic, because I wanted to get it into the hands of the people who are going to be using it as fast as possible.

Who are you?

I'm Sausage Roller, a skater for Manchester Roller Derby in the sunny UK, and maker of the Roller Derby Test O’Matic and that Min Skills app. I’m a professional software developer, amateur roller derby player, and casual procrastinator.

Feedback and support

If you have any ideas, feedback or questions, please email me at, or find me on Twitter or Tumblr.

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Recently Registered Names View Everyone

Name # League Country
Tara HoeDown Killamazoo United States
Kaiju Blue Inland Empire Derby Divas United States
Pandoras Locks 777 Renegade Rollergirls of AZ United States
Banshee 36 DDRD United States
Jam Morrison Desert Dolls Roller Derby United States
Jazmanian Devil 42 Tucson Roller Derby United States
Graham Reaper 666 Capital City Roller Girls United States
BashHer Boze 13 Capital City Roller Girls United States
Sandilion 45 Tulsa Derby League United States
Raediation 17 Desert Dolls Roller Derby United States
Snarly Quinn 52 Mississippi Brawl Stars United States
Heddy Krueger 912 Mississippi Brawl Stars United States
TKO United States
Red Zeppelin 11 Desert Dolls Roller Derby United States
Sadie Word 21 Mississippi Brawl Stars & Magnolia Roller Vixens United States
Zo-Tay 716 Brewcity Bruisers United States
Molotov Latte Twin State Derby United States
Midnight Dreary 403 Savannah Derby Decils United States
Slayonce 5120 Rockin City Roller Girls United States
Kinky Kurlz 412 xxx Steel City Roller Derby, Smoky Mountain Roller Girls United States
Kilty Konscience 620 Hard Knox Rollerderby United States
Pinky Teasadero 311 Burning River Roller Derby United States
TieDie 28 New Braunfels Wurst Girls United States
Shock Clock Treasure Valley Roller Derby United States
The Juker 00 Greenville Derby Dames United States
Krashur Dawlfaiss 1980 Bittersweet Bombshells United States
Grim Jim 71 Men's Roller Derby of Kentucky United States
Harlee Hits'er Canada
Wikibleedia Ireland
Sami-Automatic 22 Australia
R2 HitYou Andøya Roller Derby Norway
DieJester 62 MMDC New Zealand
Violent Bob 37 United Kingdom
Jammer slammer Pile of bones Canada
Gaymer Grrrl 64 DC Rollergirls United States
Jen N Juice 222 Beach Cities Roller Derby United States
AnnaConda 42 United States
Tyrant 101 Canada
BeBe Skate 888 United States
Muscles McGhee Heartland Hellcats United States
No Limet 911 Red Hot Cherry Bombs Belgium
Darth Maulester Norway
Rozymandias London Rockin' Rollers United Kingdom
Ally-AWOL 47 United States
Crushendo 1975 Mankato Area Derby Girls United States
KamiKazi Khaos 7 United States
Pandoramonium Black Rebel Roller Derby Club Portugal
Canela Fina 28 Barcelona Roller Derby Spain
POOKIE 007 Mount Militia Derby Club New Zealand
Childish Jambino Badfish Roller Derby United States
Crunchie 199 Otautahi Roller Derby League New Zealand
Huckleberry Gin 918 Mankato area Derby Girls United States
Puerto Wreckin' 34 Mankato Area Derby Girls United States
Skuld Germany
Half Black Betty 10 DuPage Derby Dames United States
Super Wench 12 The Badlands Hellraisers Canada
Helly Baby United Kingdom
Lucyfurr 666 Rockin' City Rollergirls United States
Cutthroat Cake United States
Gore-May Cupcake 10 Dread Pirate Rollers Australia
Melicious Bacon 0912 Sitka Sound Slayers United States
Buffalo Trill Charm City Roller Girls United States
Rumble Bee 88 DuPage Derby Dames United States
Banshee Bombshell 41 United States
Flip 357 Brigade of Handsome Gentlemen United States
Sofia Vulgara 6y Sun City Roller Girls United States
Grace's Secret 181 Birmingham Blitz Dames United Kingdom
Eleanor Whip-Me 66 Southern Illinois Roller Girls United Kingdom
Fauvekipeu 7012 Freaky mons'ter derby ladies Belgium
Kathryn Painway 2378 Dread Pirate Rollers Australia
Hollie Mow'em Down United Kingdom
Reckless Becs 17 United Kingdom
Lolita Netherlands
Furiosa Dread Pirate Rollers Australia
Lynn-Sane 312 AZDD United States
Nyght Fury 887 Dread Pirate Rollers Australia
ShamRock'her 117 Jersey Shore Roller Girls United States
Maims Da-Kill 2607 Dread Pirate Rollers Australia
Candy Crush 314 United States
Zero Fox 0000 Arizona derby dames United States
Mad Katter 11:11 Babe City Rollers United States
Cyndi Lapper 83 Savannah Derby Devils United States
Swamp Thang 87 Rat City Rollergirls United States
Kitty Chaos 12 Murray River Derby Dames Australia
Nervous Takedown 3.2.1 MERBY STAR Sweden
Katatstrophy United States
Bruisecille Brawl 327 Beet City Bombers United States
The Tartlet Dodger 1837 NH Roller Derby United States
Shiba Hit-U United States
Sloan Cold 85 Twin City Derby Girls United States
Kathaclysm 93 United Kingdom
Jen 'n' Tonic 3 Stoke City Rollers United Kingdom
Sweat Dream Worcester Roller Derby United States
Nintendoll 404 Foco Roller Derby United States
Millennial Falcon Carolina Rollergirls United States
Lady Charmalade Charm City Roller Girls United States
Natasha Ram-U-Off United Kingdom
Scrappy Doo-Me 103 DuPage Derby Dames United States
The Don 25 Hulls Angels Roller Dames (HARD) United Kingdom
crybaby 13 grdl Australia

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