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You will be emailed approximately once a year to confirm you’re still playing derby. You may also be emailed if somebody submits an identical or similar name to you. If you need to update your details, you'll need your email for that too.

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Aren't there already derby name registers?

Yes! Loads! The most widely known is TwoEvils, which has been going for far longer than most people have been playing derby. There's also the JRDA's official names listing for juniors.

Derby Roll Call is different to these registers for two main reasons;

  1. The registration process is automated, allowing it to cope with the amazing growth our sport is seeing
  2. The site accepts very similar and duplicate names.

Wait, you allow duplicate names?

Yup. Given how many people are finding out about derby every single day, it’s inevitable two people will come up with the same name at the same time. Who are we to decide who got there first? The site's approach is to accept this duplication and try to inform everyone about the situation.

What can you do on DRC right now?

Register your name
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... and not much else.

The website was only started in January, so it’s super new. If you have any feature ideas or suggestions, please do get in touch (details on below).

I really want to see [new feature]

Derby Roll Call is being built for you, based on the feedback you give. It’s not being built to my grand idea of what’s needed, because since when did I ever have a clue? Right now the website is very basic, because I wanted to get it into the hands of the people who are going to be using it as fast as possible.

Who are you?

I'm Sausage Roller, a skater for Manchester Roller Derby in the sunny UK, and maker of the Roller Derby Test O’Matic and that Min Skills app. I’m a professional software developer, amateur roller derby player, and casual procrastinator.

Feedback and support

If you have any ideas, feedback or questions, please email me at, or find me on Twitter or Tumblr.

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Recently Registered Names View Everyone

Name # League Country
Mother Rusher 08 Newcastle Roller Derby League Australia
Mental Elf 31 Australia
Hannibal Lectriss 23 Lyon United Roller Derby France
Pia Messing United States
Sharkette 42 Honey Island Rollers Malta
Scrim Mistress 13 United Kingdom
Thigh Fighter 777 United States
Sugar Bully 77 Aalborg roller derby Denmark
Kapten Kaos Sweden
Jondrette Grrrl 2461 Coventry Roller Derby United Kingdom
Flisschief Maker 641 Coventry Roller Derby United Kingdom
Scar-amouche! 68 La Boucherie de Paris France
Polly Knocket 79 Convict City Rollers Australia
Minnie Minx 444 United States
Pyro Manny 22 France France
sasshole 5 Arlington Derby Avengers United States
Enemy Award 369 Heart City Sirens Sweden
Cinderhella United States
Pretty Sharp 789 Convict City Rollers Australia
Kat Von Kaos 2503867895 Canada
Ouchi Meowchi 16 Perth Roller Derby Australia
The Dolly Roger 727 Canada
Shy Mallow 106 Roller Derby Bordeaux Club France
pixelyz 64 ARRD France
Sam Fatigue 331 Riller Derby Bordeaux Club France
Magdanimity United States
Magdanimous United States
Salem Atome 71 Roller derby Bordeaux Club France
Terrormisu 53 United Kingdom
Skate Blanchett 23 Roller derby bordeaux club France
Cherry Tackleberry 27 Heart city sirens Sweden
Red E. Or-Not 733 United States
Amoxyvillan Van Dieman Rollers Australia
Baddie Issues Derby City Roller Girls United Kingdom
Anita BeatErAss United States
Cheshire Scat United States
Rhonda Jeremy 9.75 United States
Ally Pally United Kingdom
Snuskmumriken 1312 Helltown Hellcats Sweden
Georgia O'clit Roller derby Québec Canada
Rita Slayworst United States
CoVid 19 Gallatin Roller Derby United States
Jenocide Aalborg Roller Derby Denmark
Dusty Roads United States United States
Chick Flair 433 United States
Cool Hand Juke United States
Sugar Rae United States
Cheeks 433 United States
Penst☆r 10 Australia Australia
Modesty Blaise Sweden
K.O.tica 96 Sevilla Roller Derby Spain
The Phantome Queen Sweden
Pistol Whip 03 Duke City Roller Derby United States
Pistol Whip 03 DCRD United States
PipSquish 313 Convict city Rollers Australia
Wendy Torments 17 United States
Devilyn Side 666 Socoderbydollz United States
Rosie the Ripper United States
Darth Maunder 66 Convict City Rollers Australia
Nut Kace 88 Convict City Rollers Australia
Meals on Wheels Convict City Rollers Australia
Siren De' Stroyer Canberra Roller Derby League Australia
Calibistrix 28 SAM Roller Derby France
HELLS BELLS 76 Australia
Tim Timeout Tel Aviv Derby Girls Israel
Nancy Drew Blood 13 Peterborough Area Roller Derby Canada
Spunky Bruise-Her 31 Long Island Roller Rebels United States
Dozer 247 Netherlands Netherlands
Sally Bawls 13 United States
Killer Bee Killed United States
Buckeye Brawler United States
Beetlejam United States
Assassina 28 Riot Rollers Darnstadt Germany
Dairy-Queen United States
Scary Skate Olsen Canada
Del Camino United States
SterFry 509 United States
Ameels on Wheels United States
Soft Peach 610 Australia
Red Hotz Classic City Rollergirls United States
Squid Vicious Classic City Rollergirls United States
Knox You Out 40121 United States
Saint Jimmy Helltown Hellcats Sweden
HisPanic Attack 853 United States
Vera-cious Van Go Go United States
RebellionC 369 Rebellion United Kingdom
Crack Skullington 1031 United States
Cobra CoManda 84 United States
Jawn Couturier 1414 Reading Derby Girls United States
Doppler Blue 148 Milton Keynes Roller Derby United Kingdom
Perihellion United States
Beastie 90 Dread Pirate Rollers Australia
Hail Skatan 666 Surrey Roller Girls United Kingdom
Space Oddity United Kingdom
Skillidan Stormrage 161 Canada
Frankie Bruisestein 2468 United States
Eva Satanas United States
Millennial Falcon High Tide Derby United States
Arline Gasoline AZ-1441 United States
Stumble Bee United Kingdom

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