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You will be emailed approximately once a year to confirm you’re still playing derby. You may also be emailed if somebody submits an identical or similar name to you. If you need to update your details, you'll need your email for that too.

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Aren't there already derby name registers?

Yes! Loads! The most widely known is TwoEvils, which has been going for far longer than most people have been playing derby. There's also the JRDA's official names listing for juniors.

Derby Roll Call is different to these registers for two main reasons;

  1. The registration process is automated, allowing it to cope with the amazing growth our sport is seeing
  2. The site accepts very similar and duplicate names.

Wait, you allow duplicate names?

Yup. Given how many people are finding out about derby every single day, it’s inevitable two people will come up with the same name at the same time. Who are we to decide who got there first? The site's approach is to accept this duplication and try to inform everyone about the situation.

What can you do on DRC right now?

Register your name
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... and not much else.

The website was only started in January, so it’s super new. If you have any feature ideas or suggestions, please do get in touch (details on below).

I really want to see [new feature]

Derby Roll Call is being built for you, based on the feedback you give. It’s not being built to my grand idea of what’s needed, because since when did I ever have a clue? Right now the website is very basic, because I wanted to get it into the hands of the people who are going to be using it as fast as possible.

Who are you?

I'm Sausage Roller, a skater for Manchester Roller Derby in the sunny UK, and maker of the Roller Derby Test O’Matic and that Min Skills app. I’m a professional software developer, amateur roller derby player, and casual procrastinator.

Feedback and support

If you have any ideas, feedback or questions, please email me at, or find me on Twitter or Tumblr.

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Recently Registered Names View Everyone

Name # League Country
Mae-Ham 1980 SWSRDA Canada
Lollopop 21 STRD JR Sweden
D. Tox 0 Rocket Dolls Roller Derby Coimbra Portugal
Caa 12 United Kingdom
HalloQueen 17 United States
Kitty La Gore 007 South Side Roller Derby United States
Stitchy Maven 410 York City Derby Dames United States
Toriyell 17 STRD Sweden
Disco United States
Phenix 911 United States
Winona de Hurlemort 6 Paris Rollergirls France
Goth Milk? 11 Hallam Hellcats United Kingdom
Tyler For Now Souther Delaware United States
Dial 999 Blackpool Roller Derby United Kingdom
Rainbow Smash 13 Oxford Wheels of Gory United Kingdom
The End is Nige Borderline Brawlers United Kingdom
Brooke Wall South Side Roller Derby United States
Gargantuan 21 United States
Jly schlagsamuttr 187 Les folles gèrent Switzerland
Cannibal Rolls 7 Les folles gèrent. Roller derby Bienne Switzerland
Princess'Brigada 33 Les Folles Gèrent-Roller Derby Bienne Switzerland
Cannibal rolls 7 Français Switzerland
Crash Test 6 Les Folles Gèrent-Roller Derby Bienne Switzerland
Liz'thérik Jobarde 777 Bienne Switzerland
Maricératops 22 Les Folles Gèrent-Roller Derby Bienne Switzerland
Die Die Baby 4 Les Folles Gèrent-Roller Derby Bienne Switzerland
Wasa'bitch 813 Les Folles Gèrent-Roller Derby Bienne Switzerland
Vegana Conda 527 Les Folles Gèrent-Roller Derby Bienne Switzerland
Punk in the Trunk BVRD United States
Lunatic Lovegood United States
Barbaboob's 13 PsykoQuad's France
skelibelly CVRD United States
Stu-Jitsu 70 Scarborough Slammers United Kingdom
Midwest Maven 44 El Paso Roller Derby United States
Sour Candy 867 Avon River Rollers Canada
Road raege 4x4 Renegade United States
Dayngey United States
Terra Bite 8 Gainesville Roller Rebels United States
Killer Bea Stone Cold Foxes United Kingdom
Cosmic Curse 10 United States
Quickie Easy Valley Roller Derby United States
Sherbert 9 United Kingdom
Haley’s Vomit Ocala Cannibals United States
Trash Panda 369 Red Stick Roller Derby United States
JezeBellaDonna BVRD United States
Knight Witch 588 Canberra Roller Derby League Australia
Jane Knives 011 MARS Jr. Roller Derby United States
Push-een 308 MARS Jr. Roller Derby United States
Hardline 8 DC Rollergirls United States
Shrieking Violet 414 Rollergirls of Central Kentucky United States
Fire Crack Here 5150 ladies death and derby United States
PeurPanique 35 Canada
D-Maulish 709 Hammer City Roller Derby Canada
Jali 911 The Royal Swedish Roller Derby Sweden
Vild Sussen 555 Sweden
Badger Hyde 42 Jackson Hole Juggernauts United States
Fast and Farouche Chamber'Hyènes France
Horror Croft United States
Queen Mum *1* Mine Monsters Oberhausen Germany
Dread Parrot 12 Saint-Petersburg Roller Derby Russian Federation
HER ass is MIONE 7 Mine Monsters Oberhausen Germany
Doom Monsoon 909 Convict City Rollers Australia
Rui Nator 102 South Sea Roller Derby Australia
Mayhem Maggie 8 Tri-County Roller Derby Canada
She-wrex Cadillac roller derby United States
Spankerton 74 tri county roller derby Canada
Rowdy Raven-Claw Tri-County Roller Derby Canada
Kit Vicious Cadillac Roller Derby United States
Blunt Force Tonya 1111 Niagara Roller Girls Canada
Soph' qui peut 123 France
Gang Of One Australia
Erwin Shrewdinger Vienna Roller Derby Austria
Radass Depic 54 Psyko'Quad France
ByeBye Baby 24 United States
Big bird Grim Reapers Canada
WyldeCat Australia
Tuffy Summers 713 United States
Oh Crêpe! 222 Dublin Roller Derby Ireland
Lady Bullseye 77 United Kingdom
Bastet Case 262 CaiRollers Egypt
Margot Zombie 28 Rollergirls of Georgia State University United States
Aeon Flex (A. Flex) BVRD United States
Lil'Chilly 30,2 F Chrome Sirens Roller Derby Poland
Socio Queen 10 France
Maeva t'faire foutre 49 Psyko Quads France
9mm 14 Brazos Valley Roller Derby United States
Shu Shu 212 York Minxsters United Kingdom
SImone Beigne 168 Auverniaks France
Agatha Frisky United Kingdom
Bandage Girl 123 Velvet Owls France
Izzy Sparx 7 VRDL Australia
Carmen Dragon 27 Canada
J.K. Rolling 42 Coventry Roller Derby United Kingdom
Holmes under the hammer 22 Wakey wheeled cats United Kingdom
Doughnuts Darwin Roller Girls Australia
Spank Tank 51/50 Psyko quads France
Dilf Pickle Muddy River Rollers Canada
La Loutre 911 Les Psyko Quads France
Zo 2 Hell 8130 SFV Derby United States
Mighty Mighty Rosstone 34 York Minxters United Kingdom

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