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You will be emailed approximately once a year to confirm you’re still playing derby. You may also be emailed if somebody submits an identical or similar name to you. If you need to update your details, you'll need your email for that too.

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Aren't there already derby name registers?

Yes! Loads! The most widely known is TwoEvils, which has been going for far longer than most people have been playing derby. There's also the JRDA's official names listing for juniors.

Derby Roll Call is different to these registers for two main reasons;

  1. The registration process is automated, allowing it to cope with the amazing growth our sport is seeing
  2. The site accepts very similar and duplicate names.

Wait, you allow duplicate names?

Yup. Given how many people are finding out about derby every single day, it’s inevitable two people will come up with the same name at the same time. Who are we to decide who got there first? The site's approach is to accept this duplication and try to inform everyone about the situation.

What can you do on DRC right now?

Register your name
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... and not much else.

The website was only started in January, so it’s super new. If you have any feature ideas or suggestions, please do get in touch (details on below).

I really want to see [new feature]

Derby Roll Call is being built for you, based on the feedback you give. It’s not being built to my grand idea of what’s needed, because since when did I ever have a clue? Right now the website is very basic, because I wanted to get it into the hands of the people who are going to be using it as fast as possible.

Who are you?

I'm Sausage Roller, a skater for Manchester Roller Derby in the sunny UK, and maker of the Roller Derby Test O’Matic and that Min Skills app. I’m a professional software developer, amateur roller derby player, and casual procrastinator.

Feedback and support

If you have any ideas, feedback or questions, please email me at, or find me on Twitter or Tumblr.

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Recently Registered Names View Everyone

Name # League Country
Cherry Rollins 223 Stone Cold Foxes United States
Screw Lucy 22 Kingston City Rollers Australia
Krewesader Kate 72 United States
Dildo Pickle Gallatin Roller Derby United States
Prom night dumpster baby Gallatin Roller Derby United States
Mario Fart Gallatin Roller Derby United States
Butt Stuff Gallatin Roller Derby United States
Shania Tw-anal Gallatin Roller Derby United States
Punchbowl Turd Gallatin Roller Derby United States
Dumpster Feet Us Gallatin Roller Derby United States
Master Kater Gallatin Roller Derby United States
Ford Clit Taurus Gallatin Roller Derby United States
Rolling Blackout 577 Calgary Roller Derby Canada
Animal Crack Her United States
Zella Lugosi 73 United States
Trudy Struction 22oz United States
Bubblegum Mayhem Australia
Alt Cunningslam 77 DRG United Kingdom
Pinki Skullz 4 United States
Lightning McQueer 0 United States
Miffy Mass Murder 999 High City Derby Divas United States
scream cheese 23 Glass City Rollers United States
Tía Tóxica 5 DRD United States
Blue J United States
Shocker Texas Danger 29 United States
Blitz'n BitchCraft Northern Brisbane Rollers Australia
Mrs. Hammer 394 Roswell Roller Derby United States
Kiya Bosh Canada
Queen Machine 18 Taranaki New Zealand
Deadly Nightshade United States
Helen Waite 418 United Kingdom
Phantom Pain 66 Canada
Spitfire 41 Savanah Junior Derby Taunts United Kingdom
Poppa Cherry United States
Bonjour Bae-atches 4 United States
Checkpoint Charlie Australia
Clowny Macdeath Bear City Roller Derby Germany
Dread Gravies Preston Roller Derby United Kingdom
Zapruder Film 22 United States
Axhandle Anthony United States
Clobberit United Kingdom
Hit an' Rum Addi 0458340612 Rum City Derby Dolls Bundaberg Australia
Strega 3 East Lansing Roller Derby United States
Calamity Chaos 13 Australia
General Panye in the Ass 0404 United States
General Payne in the Ass 0404 United States
Anne Tifah United States
Motörkate United States
Jo "the toe" Jammer 17 PARDY Canada
Lezzy Borden WFTDA United States
Haligoonia 902 Canada
Poison Oy Vey 1945 United Kingdom
Scuffle Town 38 United States
PeeWee Hurtin’ United States
Killer Tease Arizona Skate Club United States
Slam Halen United States
GemJam 412 Bembel Town Roller Derby Germany
OnlyWhams United States
Schizophrantic 2951 Penn Jersey Roller Derby United States
The Slamdalorian 581 United States
Chernobyl Metropolotan Roller Derby Chile
Anaiysa Pye United States
Pia Messing 40 United States
Spooky Spice 67 United States
Red Dragon 12 United States
SoNic 22 Sin City Rollers Geraldton roller derby Australia
Alicia Bitchardson 666 United States
Chocolate MILF Sugar Sands Roller Dolls United States
Baby Slice 47 Australia
Eenie Meanie 88 East coast Derby dolls Australia
Cheesus Fries 500 Rhein Neckar Delta Quads Germany
Daze 76 United Kingdom
Paranormal Smacktivity 217 United States
Mistress Sugar Cane 66 United Kingdom
C3 KO United States
Serpent United States
Annie Christ United States
Shake n Bake United States
Nurse Ratchet United States
Manic Mermaid 82 Garden Island Renegade Rollerz United States
EBZecutioner 32 Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby Australia
Licence to Quill 6022 Wakey Wheeled Cats United Kingdom
Soledusa 1312 Zürich City Rollerderby (ZCRD) Switzerland
Missfortune 47 United States
Salamandress 9 United States
Krossandra 14 Bollnäs Roller Derby Sweden
Frysk 12 Bollnäs Roller Derby Sweden
Knock-A-Bye Babe 1900's United States
Patty Grievance United States
Tootsie RollHer 74 United States
Data Witch United States
MS Devil 333 Bollnäs Roller Derby Sweden
Angelina Parolee United Kingdom
John McSlain 4.0 United Kingdom
Lady 75 Bollnäs Roller Derby Sweden
Maloprav 13 CobraQuads Argentina
MishFlip 182 CobraQuads Argentina
Tina Hurta 73 Sin City Rollers Geraldton Roller Derby Australia
Bust 'Er Spines 17 Canada
Vladimir Puddin' United States

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